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Question: What do I have to do to prepare for getting my carpets cleaned?

Answer: At True Steam INC. we recommend that customers pick up any small items, such as toys, shoes, clothes, boxes, and trash off the floor. This allows us to see more of the carpet in our initial walk through, and also keeps these itema from getting wet or damaged during the cleaning process. Please also tuck away any loose cables or electrical wires.
We also suggest that our customers do a quick vacuum to suck up any large debris. This also allows our technicians to do a more thorough pre inspection and recognize any problem areas much easier

Question: What is the best way to get an estimate and are they FREE?

Answer: We offer FREE estimates to all our customers. You can get an estimate either by calling us directly at (804) 298 0287, sending us an email summarizing all the areas and/or furniture you would like cleaned to or by leaving us a message on our Facebook page at

Question: How long does the carpet take to dry?

Answer: In general, carpets should be dry within 4-6 hours after cleaning. Certain conditions such as thick carpets, heavy soiling, or high humidity can all affect the amount of time carpets take to dry after cleaning. We recommend running your AC/Heat and keeping ceiling fans on to ensure that your carpets dry in the fastest time possible.

Question: Is stain removal extra?

Answer: In most cases stain removal is FREE. The majority of houses will have several small stains, spills or blemishes on their carpets. This is normal. When we find a house that has a lot more stains than normal, we will let the homeowner know during the pre inspection that there will be a slight extra charge to allocate for the extra time we need to spend on the stains.

Question: What is your minimum charge?

Answer: Our minimum charge is $99. We are currently running a special where $99 gets you 2 rooms cleaned with our full service.

Question: Do you offer deodorizer and/or protection for my carpet and upholstery?

Answer: Yes. At True Steam INC. we offer an enzyme activated deodorizer which actively seeks out and destroys odor killing bacteria. This is great for anyone with pets, or for those who just want to freshen up the smell of their home. True Steam INC. also offers Maxim Advanced Protection, which can be applied to the carpets after cleaning. This can further increase the life of your carpet by repelling dirt and grease.

Question: What is the best way to clean my carpets?

Answer: Hot water extraction is the method of carpet cleaning recommended by most carpet manufacturers. This method, also known as steam cleaning, invloves spraying super heated water (around 210 farenheit) under high pressure onto the carpet. Our industrial power vacuum then extracts up to 98% of this water back out of the carpet, leaving your carpets clean and feeling slightly damp.
Shampooing your carpets leaves large amounts of sticky chemical residue, which over time attracts more dirt. These chemicals are often harsh and can be toxic to pets and children.

Question: What is the size limit for a room?

Answer: 250 square feet is our room size limit. Any room over this size will be priced during the pre inspection.

Question: How often should I clean my carpets?

Answer: We recommend that you get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. Homes with heavy foot traffic, children, or pets may need two or more cleanings a year.
Customers who vacuum regularly will extend the life of their carpet in between each cleaning.


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