Professional Stain Guard Protection Services

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Professional Stain Guard Services
Professional Carpet Cleaning Richmond VA
Maxim Advanced Protection

When carpet is manufactured it is sometimes coated with a stain resistant treatment. This gives the carpet a boost of life, temporarily making it more resistant to spills, accidents and wear. However, after continuous use, the manufacturers protection begins to wear off and becomes ineffective at protecting the carpet fibers. Without any layer of protection, dirt begins to scratch the carpet fibers making them appear dull.

True Steam LLC can help. During our thorough pre inspection our trained technicians will notice any signs of wear throughout your home. To prevent this problem from getting any worse, our technicians can apply our Maxim Advanced Protection as an additional service after a carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If for any reason you are unsatisfied after our service, TRUE STREAM will return to your home within 90 days of the original cleaning and fix the problem. Our friendly technicians will answer any questions you may have.


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